About Opal 51


The stone that gives the wearer strength and the ability to take back control of their lives.


The middle of the word menopause, the midpoint in life for many women, a time of transition when we often feel out of control of our bodies and health.


For ladies everywhere
The Back Story
Empowering 51% of our planet

A Message from Tammy Lee

CEO & Founder of Opal

Opal was created for you – and all women – to take back our power, reclaim our self-worth. These products are designed and made by women, for women. Women with menopause, MS or migraines. Nursing moms and female athletes. For every stage of life, but especially during our time of transition, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience. I am passionate about empowering and helping other women. That’s why I founded Opal. As a female CEO in my late 40s, I am also in the age group of 27 million Americans experiencing menopause right now – that’s 20% of our workforce feeling the heat. Don’t sweat it, sisters – we’ve got you covered with Opal’s Cool Products for Hot Women. Opal’s mission of helping other women goes beyond my business to help yours and the causes you care most about. Opal’s a company with heart, and wink.


Opal 51

After serving on several nonprofit boards focused on the 51% (our female population), Tammy Lee created Opal 51 to give women a cool way to raise money from their own network.



Women are 51% of our population
Yes, that is correct, Ladies. We are pretty special.


The median age for menopause


The Philosophy

Opal is all about staying healthy and positive as we go through major life transitions.


Support for Fem-tastic Causes

Opal 51 was created to support the passions and causes of women everywhere.

Opal 51 is a Hot Deal for your Supporters and a Cool Way to Raise Money for You.


How Does Opal 51 Work?

We give you a special promo code for your supporters, offering Opal's high-quality cool therapy products for 15% off retail price. They order online with your promo code, we ship directly to them. You receive 15% of the proceeds.  15% off for them. 15% profits for you.