Limited Time Offer: Gal Pals for Progress


Celebrating 38 years of Women Winning electing female candidates to all levels of office. To mark the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, $19 from every set will be donated to Women Winning.

This Chill and Go Gift set includes three pairs of cooling bra inserts that stay cool 30-45 minutes. Re-cool to reuse.

  • Two pairs of Women Winning branded Gal Pals Chill in black or mist featuring 58° phase-change material that feels nicer than ice on the bare chest. Re-cool in the fridge or your car’s A/C.
  • One pair of Gal Pals Go in blush featuring 80°phase-change material. No refrigeration required. Re-cool after use at room temperature or your car’s A/C.
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