Ultimate Trio


Chill and be thrilled with our three favorites in one bundle: the Cool Wrap (Sea Breeze) + the Cool Pad (Blush) + the Gal Pals Chill Set (Misty Gray) in our multi-colored set.

  • Cool Wrap: Clinically shown to relieve hot flashes and treat symptoms of MS and heat stress
  • Cool Pad:  Soothing relief for a good night’s sleep
  • Gal Pals Chill: Cooling bra inserts to relieve hot flashes, breast pain or for a quick cool down after a workout


  • Made from plant-based cooling PCM (phase change material)
  • Refreshingly cool, not uncomfortably cold
  • Safe to wear directly on the skin (no risk of ice burn)
  • Reusable
  • Antimicrobial coating and latex-free
  • FDA registered.  HSA and FSA reimbursable
  • Made in USA

How To Use: Use directly on the skin. Re-cool to reuse.

Care Instructions: To clean, wash with mild soap and water then air dry.

Sale Price: $149.

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