Breast Cancer Awareness Blush Cool Wrap


Women who are battling breast cancer also commonly experience chemo or surgically induced symptoms of menopause. For breast cancer survivors (and all women) Hormone Replacement Therapy can pose additional health risks.

The Opal Cool Wrap provides safe, natural, drug-free relief for symptoms of menopause and has been clinically shown to reduce the number and severity of hot flashes in most women. Wear the Cool Wrap twice a day (and anytime you are feeling the heat) for cooling comfort and therapy. Opal’s plant-based cooling phase change material helps builds resiliency in brown adipose tissues to naturally calm hot flashes.

While supplies last, the Breast Cancer Awareness Wrap is available in two temperatures:

58° / Chill. Designed for cool therapy and to build resiliency to counteract hot flashes. Refrigerate 30 minutes to reactivate and reuse.

80° / Go. Designed for cool comfort anytime you need it. This wrap feels refreshingly cool against your 99° hot body and reactivates at room temperature when not in use – no refrigeration required!

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