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The stone that gives the wearer strength and the ability to take back control of their lives.


The middle of the word menopause, the midpoint in life for many women, a time of transition when we often feel out of control of our bodies and health.


For ladies everywhere
Our Story
Created for & by women

A Message from Tammy Lee

CEO & Founder of Opal

Opal was created for you—and all women—to take back our power, reclaim our self-worth. These products are designed and made by women, for women. Women with menopause, MS or migraines. Nursing moms and female athletes. For every stage of life, but especially during our time of transition, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience.

I am passionate about empowering and helping other women. That’s why I founded this company. As a female CEO in my late 40s, I am also in the age group of 27 million Americans experiencing menopause right now – that’s 20% of our workforce.

That’s a lot of women sleep deprived from night sweats; worried about a hot flash melting their makeup off during a crucial business meeting; who can’t see straight because of a menopause-related migraine.

All of these create discomfort for women, so we designed the Opal Cool Wrap to feel like a hug that cools and calms your hot flashes. It also provides soothing relief for symptoms of MS: it cools the core safely and comfortably.

Gal Pals aren't just for hot flashes, but for new moms, too. I remember when my daughter was born and I was doing the “breastfeed, pump, repeat" routine – which led to the painful experience of feeling like my breasts were on fire with mastitis. I wish I had thought of Gal Pals then.

Opal’s mission of helping other women is more than about the business, it’s who I am. I never say "no" to a networking or mentoring request from another woman. I invest personally in funds that support women-owned, women-led companies. I believe in paying it forward for women and girls I may never meet.

Opal supports causes dedicated to the 51% of people who make up our planet, women and girls.

So after serving on several nonprofit boards that support empowering women and girls, I’m creating my own way of giving back. I’m launching a program called Opal 51 in support of causes dedicated to the 51% of people who make up our planet, women and girls. Through cause marketing, we will share our proceeds with the organizations we partner with.

Finally, I’d really like to know, what’s your story?

Tell us how you’re using our products or share ideas for cool new ones. Snap a PG-rated pic and email your testimonial to HerStory@opalwell.com. If we post your story, we’ll send you a free pair of Gal Pals or $20 off your next purchase.

Stay cool, sisters! Opal’s got your back (and front) covered.