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A collection of premium cold therapy products that are skin-safe and uniquely designed for women’s wellness needs.

Hot Flashes. Sleep. Anxiety & Stress. Hormonal & Health Pain. Fitness & Sport. Beauty.

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Why Opal Cool is so Cool

58 Degree temperature Icon

Cool Therapy / Chill

Opal Cool Wrap, Opal Cool One, Opal Eye Mask, Opal Gal Pals Chill

Opal’s Cool Therapy line chills to 58° F, the optimal cooling temp for safe and soothing relief. Opal’s 58° F Cool Wraps and Cool Ones stay constantly cool for an hour or more; the Eye Masks and Gal Pals Chill cool for 30 minutes 

Refrigerate for 30 minutes to activate.

80 Degree Temp Icon

Cool Comfort / Now

Opal Gal Pals Go, Opal Cool Pad

Opal’s Cool Comfort line offers on-demand cool comfort at 80° F that feels refreshingly cool on your bare skin. Opal’s 80° F Cool Pads stay refreshingly cool for about an hour;  the Gal Pals Go cool for 20-30 minutes.

These products reactivate at room temperature when not in use, no refrigeration required!


Phase Change Material

Innovative plant-based cooling tech delivers a safe, precise temperature, every time.

Safer than Ice

No risk of ice burn or frostbite, place directly on skin


Long Lasting

Opal 58° Wraps cool 60-90 mins.  Opal 80° Pad cools 45-60 mins. Gal Pals and Eye Masks cool ~30 mins.


Clinically Tested

Physician recommended
FDA registered class I medical device


Draws Heat Away to Relieve Pain


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Our Founder & Our Mission
By women, for women

Opal was created for every hot woman. That means you.

Opal's products are designed and made by women, for women.

For every stage of life, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience.

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Headshot of Opal Cool founder Tammy Lee wearing a black zip up blazer and white collared shirt looking into the camera.
My Opal Cool Wrap keeps me looking fresh and feeling calm, especially when I’m doing things that make me sweat. I use it while getting ready to go out, when I’m hosting and racing around the house before guests arrive, and in the evening to calm down hot flashes. I love it!
Thank you for such an amazing product. Using the Opal Wrap twice a day has helped me drastically reduce my hot flashes. I am such a believer in the product that I joined the company as its CFO!
Darlene Polzin
Opal Cool Gal Pals are the perfect way to stay cool at the softball game!
Tanya Winter
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