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My Opal Cool Wrap keeps me looking fresh and feeling calm, especially when I’m doing things that make me sweat. I use it while getting ready to go out, when I’m hosting and racing around the house before guests arrive, and in the evening to calm down hot flashes. I love it!
I used the Opal Chill Wrap to help me with my hot flashes. I had no idea it would totally eliminate them! Thank you for such an amazing product.
Meg Stumpf
This Mom cools down on a 90 degree day with her gal pals!
I use the pad for my lower back pain and really think it's superior to other gel-type packs. It's lightweight, takes up little space in the freezer, stays in place and lasts longer than anything else I have used. Thank you!
Deb Gebeke
“I recently purchased the Chill and Go set and I am very happy with your product. I am a healthcare worker who sees many Covid patients daily. It’s a physical job and as I’m sure you’re aware, requires wearing an N95 and non-breathable gown for much of the day. Working in PPE is an extremely hot and sweaty experience that is truly miserable at times. These bra inserts have seriously made a difference at work and have really improved my comfort level. They are simple, effective, and convenient to use. AND they keep me from getting cranky!”
- Julie B., healthcare worker
For cool relief on the go, I recharge my Gal Pals in the car with my A/C.
Ceri Everett
Gal Pals are comfortable and discreet. Once applied to the skin, they start to pull heat away from your chest instantly and you don’t get the condensation you would normally get from an ice pack
Alexis Rae Felling
As someone with MS for the last 15+ years the cool wrap is a life changer. I love being able to wear the cool wrap outside and sit or work comfortably. I love wearing this product and being able to enjoy the Minnesota summers! Thank you!!!!
Kari Amundson
My daughter used them throughout the day to help with hot flashes when her thyroid wasn’t working. Now healing from surgery & they work great!! Super light weight & can lay directly on her neck incision without heavy weight & they re-cool SO quickly!
Natasha Kaiser
Opal Cool Gal Pals are the perfect way to stay cool at the softball game!
Tanya Winter

The Opal Cool Pad relaxes me for a perfect night’s sleep. It also makes working at my desk more comfortable. It reactivates when I leave my bed or chair, so when I come back it’s ready to use again.
CJ Adair

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