Our Story

Opal for Moms

Opalus, the Roman word for precious stone, a symbol of love and hope. Ops is the Roman Goddess of Fertility.

Opal for Menopause

A brilliant stone with flashes of fire, ancient Arabs believed opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning.  Opal gives the wearer strength during times of transition.

Opal for All

A symbol of health, healing and protection in the Greek culture. Amplifies positivity. Brings luck and happiness.

Our Story
Created for & by women

A Message from Tammy Lee

CEO & Founder of Opal

Opal was created for you—and all women—to help, heal and honor our bodies through every stage of life.

These products are designed by women, for women: new moms, women experiencing menopause or MS.  For milestone events and times of transition, Opal is symbolic of health, healing and resilience.

I am passionate about helping women live their best lives. That’s why I founded this company. 

Headshot of Opal Cool founder Tammy Lee wearing a black zip up blazer and white collared shirt looking into the camera.
Opal is for Us!

Our signature product, the clinically-tested Opal Cool Wrap, feels like a cool embrace as it builds resiliency in brown adipose tissues to calm hot flashes. It also cools the core and provides soothing relief for symptoms of MS. And really, every hot woman can use a cool hug~

Gal Pals are designed for new moms and every hot woman -- women with menopause, MS or after a workout.   I remember being a new mom, struggling to breastfeed my daughter, and feeling like my breasts were on fire after developing mastitis.  I wish I had a pair of Gal Pals then.

The Opal Cool One or Cool Pad are great go-to items for every hot woman, offering cooling comfort and relief.

I launched this company at the beginning of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic. True to our name, we are shining and remain hopeful. Despite the obstacles we have all faced in the past year, we're still in this -- together with you.

Enough about our story, I want to know yours.

Tell us how you’re using our products or share ideas for cool new ones. Snap a PG-rated pic and email your testimonial to sales@opalcool.com. If we post your story, we’ll send you a free pair of Gal Pals or $20 off your next purchase.

Stay cool, sisters! Opal’s got your back (and front) covered.