Menopositivity Set


Opal’s favorite cool products for hot women – everything you need to master your symptoms of menopause. All products feature a plant-based cooling technology at a women-owned manufacturing plant in Red Wing, MN.

  • Cool Pad (80°F – Blush): The coolest pad you’ll ever have!  Eases back tension and cools hot flashes and night sweats. Stays surprisingly cool for up to an hour and refreshes to cool state when not in use (no refrigeration required!).  
  • Cool Wrap (58°F – Sea Breeze): This clinically tested cooling neck and shoulder wrap provides soothing relief for symptoms menopause and has been shown to reduce hot flashes and relieve symptoms of MS. Also delivers safe, drug-free relief for upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. Stays cool for an hour or more. 
  • Eye Mask (Blush): Get safe, soothing cool relief of headaches, migraines, puffy eyes and swelling with no risk of ice burn on your beautiful face. Stays cool up to 30-40 minutes. 
  • Gal Pals / Chill (58° – Sea Breeze):  our four pack of cooling breast pads formulated to Refrigerate to activate. Wear 30 minutes for breast pain, boob sweat and hot flashes.
  • Gal Pals / Go (80° – Gray Mist): Refreshingly cool for 20-30 minutes without refrigeration.

Comfort Fit
HSA / FSA Reimbursable
Natural Healing
Clinically Tested