Sweet Dreams Set


The gift of self-care the every care giver! Relax as stress tension melts away with our cooling eye mask and get soothing relief for puffy eyes, swelling, headaches and migraines. The eye mask pairs perfectly with the  Cool Pad to provide soothing relief and a good night’s sleep.  The Cool Pad feels surprisingly cool against your skin and refreshes to cool state at room temperature, no refrigeration required.  The Eye Mask refreshes in the refrigerator in 20 minutes and is ready to reuse.


  • Made from plant-based cooling PCM (phase change material)
  • Refreshingly cool, not uncomfortably cold
  • Safe to wear directly on the skin (no risk of ice burn)
  • Antimicrobial coating and latex-free
  • FDA registered.  HSA and FSA reimbursable
  • Made in USA

How To Use:

  • Cool Pad: Lay directly on the cool white padding until pads becomes clear. The Pad refreshes in room temps below 80° F when not in use. No refrigeration required.
  • Eye Mask: Refrigerate 30 minutes before use. Wear 30-45 minutes. Re-cool to reuse.

Care Instructions: To clean, wash with mild soap and water then air dry.

Sale Price: $149. Sets available in Blush or Misty Gray.

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